Specifications and Pricing

EcoSpheres may be ordered directly from Ecosphere Associates through our online shopping cart or by calling our toll free order line at 800-729-9870. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. You may also contact us for further ordering information by emailing us.

All Returns subject to a 25% restocking fee.

EcoSphere Group

L to R: Large Sphere, Small Pod, Extra Large Sphere, Small Sphere, Large Pod, Medium Sphere

EcoSphere® Specifications and Price
Model Size Price Replacement
SS: Small Sphere 4″ Dia. $79.99 6 Months Order
SP: Small Pod 5.25″ Tall $79.99 6 Months Order
MS: Medium Sphere 5.25″ Dia. $184.99 12 Months Order
LP: Large Pod 7.50″ Tall $189.99 12 Months Order
LS: Large Sphere 6.50″ Dia. $249.99 12 Months Order
XLS: Extra Large Sphere 9.00″ Dia. $489.99 12 Months Order
Small Base – fits Small Sphere & Small Pod $6.00 Order
Medium Base – fits Medium Sphere & Large Pod $8.00 Order
Large Base – fits Large Sphere $10.00 Order
Extra Large Base – fits Extra Large Sphere $12.00 Order
LED Base – fits Small Sphere, Small Pod, Medium Sphere, Large Pod, or Large Sphere $24.99 Order

The following are the only websites approved to sell the EcoSphere. They understand the nature of the product and follow our guidelines for proper shipping and delivery.

Have an older EcoSphere and would like to have it made like new?

Ecosphere Associates hereby attest and warrants that the New EcoSphere® is a balanced, closed ecosystem capable of sustaining life therein. Whereas, this policy is issued in consideration of the purchase of the EcoSphere®. Whereas the owner of the EcoSphere® agrees to properly provide and care for the EcoSphere® in accordance with the enclosed instructions. Also the owner will dutifully respect occupants of the system as living beings, and whereas since the age of the shrimp cannot be determined, sustaining life shall be determined as at least one (1) living shrimp. Ecosphere Associates hereby agrees to replace this EcoSphere® anytime within the replacement policy period should fewer than one (1) shrimp remain alive. No other warranty, implied or otherwise, shall exist on the EcoSphere®. No warranty exists in which the glass is cracked or broken, or in which the temperature or light limits have been exceeded.