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EcoSphere® Promo

The EcoSphere has been used successfully by many businesses and industries over the years as an icon or metaphor for their messages of:

Environmental Awareness • Sustainability • Purity • Balance for Success Teamwork
Communications • Optimum Energy Usage • A Perfect World
A World of Possibilities • And Many Others!

The EcoSphere has an exceptional track record as a promotional and advertising product. As an advertising icon, the EcoSphere will constantly attract the attention of passersby and repeatedly display your clients’ logo. This living world will be cherished and proudly positioned on the desk of the recipient between the phone and the computer. It has proven to be a permanent desktop accessory, not dropped in the rubbish bin or stashed in the bottom drawer.

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Exhibition EcoSpheres™

EcoSphere® Associates, Inc. has built large totally closed Eco-systems and other exhibits worldwide for over 30 years. The Exhibition EcoSpheres™ are the greatest environmental exhibits any museum, science center, zoo, or aquarium can have. While they illustrate both science and art they draw the visitor to think about the environment and how it works.


A Unique, Flexible Stone Veneer™

TXTR-LITE™ is a lightweight, flexible, colorful and unique stone veneer with unlimited application possibilities. The introduction of this exciting new material addresses a large need for a flexible, adaptable, durable and weather resistant stone veneer. TXTR-LITE™ is so revolutionary that it can be adhered over any standard building surface with common construction adhesives. For more information about how to use TXTR-LITE™ please contact our technical staff who will be glad to discuss your application.