Exhibition EcoSpheres

Ecosphere Associates, Inc. has built large scale, completely closed EcoSpheres and other exhibits worldwide for over 30 years. The Exhibition EcoSpheres™ are the greatest environmental exhibits any museum, science center, zoo, or aquarium can have. While they illustrate both science and art they draw the visitor to think about the environment and how it works. These truly spectacular Exhibition EcoSpheres contain hundreds, even thousands of the same shrimp found in our smaller standard EcoSpheres. Since 1987 we have installed over 20 exhibition units for institutions and corporations in the U.S., Mexico, Europe, and the Pacific Rim.

Custom designed to fit any decor or theme, these large EcoSpheres® can also be used in corporate entries or offices while requiring little to no maintenance.

Design Considerations

Ecosphere Associates can design a custom built, fully engineered, exhibit to meet any architectural or design requirements. We have worked with some of the worlds top architectural firms to design world-class science exhibits. Our specialty has been in science and aquatic related exhibits as well as biological displays, and consultations for aquatic related projects and other exhibits.
Since the first Exhibition EcoSphere was created we have offered a turnkey system complete with custom pedestals to match any color scheme or decor. Our designs involves working closely with the exhibit designers. We strongly recommend close collaboration with the exhibit designers at the conceptual stage of your program.
Considerations such as material, color scheme, and traffic level must be given to the design and construction of these custom pedestals used to support the Exhibition EcoSpheres. We have built many units to withstand low and high traffic areas from corporate office environments to extreme high traffic areas for millions of viewers. 

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The basics of an Exhibition EcoSphere are

  • A metal support stand
  • A ring seat to support the glass appropriately
  • The custom made glass sphere
  • The internal core of the sphere
  • The biological material (shrimp, algae, sea water mix)
  • A color, material, or decor theme for the outer shell pedestal

Custom pedestal bases can be designed and built to your specifications. Approximately 42″ tall, these bases can be built to fit any decor or design theme required. Prices vary depending on the material and design specified. Custom pedestals are quoted separately.

Other options include a rotating pedestal, graphics, lights, overhead lighting, and audio EPROM loop recordings.

Historically, each project we’ve built has had some degree of customization. Your project will need to look unique to your environment and that’s what we can do by customizing the outer pedestal to fit your design. We can provide the basics, you give us your ideas, themes, and locations we’ll do the rest.

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Product Pricing

Sphere DiameterLiters
Standard HeightPrice*
18″50L56″+ °
24″100L66″+ °
30″200L66″+ °
39″500L66″+ °

*Price does not include shipping.

+18″ and larger Exhibition EcoSpheres require setup on site by Ecosphere Associates staff.

° Due to the unique and custom nature of Exhibition EcoSpheres, please contact us to start the quoting process. Exhibition EcoSpheres are designed to fit into the client’s facility and decor. Pricing is developed on a design/build format. Once all options are chosen the design, engineering, and building process begins. Please contact our office to discuss options and how to proceed with your own unique Exhibition EcoSphere. Some additional costs to be calculated are travel/lodging for Ecosphere Associates staff, crating, shipping, installation, and onsite insurance for glass breakage. Contact us here.